Boulder Granola’s Story

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Boulder Granola

Boulder Granola, celebrates the reknowned counter-culture of our groovy and colorful hometown of Boulder, Colorado. That’s right, it embraces Boulder’s granola-crunching reputation. Reveling in the fun-loving, free spirit of this beautiful little town inspires us to create every loving spoonful of Boulder Granola with you in mind.

Boulder Granola is made from the very best quality, organic ingredients. In each bowl, you’ll taste Boulder’s fresh air, smell the blue skies, and feel the warmth of the sun-drenched Rocky Mountains recharging your body, mind and spirit.

How it all began.

It’s 1969 . . .

Or as we call it, “The Summer of Granola.” My mom has just changed her name from Florence to Samantha (it was the 60s, you know), burned her bra, and spent the summer in Sensitivity Training (personal growth program) with my dad. And that’s when it happened – her first batch of granola. She started with a simple but delicious recipe she served us each morning with fresh milk and bananas. Over the next few years, the kitchen was never the same. New ingredients, new baking techniques, each one impossibly better than the next. Each batch a true labor of love.

Finally the day came when my mom handed the recipe over to me and just like her, nothing gave me greater pleasure than sharing it with my friends. Birthdays, holidays, any type of celebration . . . everybody wanted my granola and how could I possibly refuse? And so . . . it began.

When I left the east coast more than twenty years ago, like so many of my new Boulder neighbors, I knew that my family had found the place we would call home for the rest of our days. I raised my three children here and we all thrived in this creative, adventurous, outgoing community.

Infused with the Mojo of Boulder, my granola blossomed. Made entirely from nothing but organic ingredients, and full of protein, fiber, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, it supports and promotes healthy, active bodies. And, most importantly, fun.

And now, after almost 25 years of parenting, I am facing the inevitable “empty nest.” Being a mother was and will continue to be the most fulfilling and wonderful part of my life, but I have all this extra time and energy! So I’m devoting it to my other child, Boulder Granola –
along with incorporating all of the things I’ve learned over the years, both in the kitchen and out, in order to unleash my inner Hippie!

What does that mean you might ask? It means taking the grooviest part of those “anything is possible” days of the ‘60s, adding years of experience, spicing it up with newfound wisdom, to unveil your modern day Hippie values.

My philosophy is simple. Simple ingredients, delicious pure love. And like all things in Boulder, it’s a community effort. I, and my staff, work with as many local sources as possible to create a fulfilling work environment for everyone who lends a hand in creating our special oats. And Boulder Granola offers a full line of “ORGANIC certified gluten-free oats” granola for anyone with gluten sensitivities so that everyone can enjoy the delicious and nutritious taste of these granolas.

Because Boulder Granola is infused with the heart and essence of Boulder, I hope you’ll meditate, radiate, celebrate, satiate, contemplate, motivate, and activate your modern-day inner Hippie. Samantha does. She still makes granola – and she and I share our recipe ideas to this day.

By the way, did you know that HIPPIE is an acronym meaning Happy, Intelligent People Pursuing Infinite Enlightenment. The pursuit of enlightenment…. that’s a good thing, right? I can dig it. Can you?