Granola Products

From the heart of groovy, granola-crunching Boulder, Colorado comes the most rockin' primo granola ever! It's the perfection of my mom's 45-year-old recipe that my family and friends have munched on for sooooo long that I just can't keep it to myself any longer.

Organic, premium, scrumptious granola with the just-right blend of oats, nuts and seeds, and lightly sweetened with pure maple syrup for anytime enjoyment or snacking –with milk, with yogurt, over ice cream or straight from the bag. It'll wake up your mojo! Boulder Granola was created to celebrate the spirit and lifestyle of our legendary home town– creative,open-minded and free– surrounded by fresh air, blue skies, and the beauty of the sun-drenched Rocky Mountains.

So…find an outta sight place to hang loose, share the delicious love of Boulder Granola, and unleash your inner Hippie. Can you dig it?

100% Organic Ingredients

I only feed my family organic ingredients and I wouldn’t think of feeding yours anything less.

And this is why Boulder Granola is 100% Organic – including Organic Certified Gluten-Free Oats in our G-Free flavors. But here are a few more important reasons:

  • Growing children are developing brain function and internal organs to last a lifetime, so their food should be the purest and most nutritious available. And healthy breakfasts and healthy snacks are direly important.
  • Adults are more conscious today than ever before of the necessity of nutrition and proper diet in order to remain active throughout their lives.
  • The organic-ingredient combination in Boulder Granola creates a “slow-release energy” that makes it the perfect healthy breakfast food or anytime healthy snack.
  • Organic food tastes better! Remember the saying, “You are what you eat?” More and more people prefer to eat pure food that is free of pesticides, toxins, human sludge fertilizers, radiation (from irradiated crops), and genetically-modified organisms (GMOs).
  • Boulder Granola supports Organic Farming. Organic farmers use natural pest control, they nurture and maintain rich soils, use complimentary plant groupings, lunar cycles and other natural farming methods which are beneficial to our earth. And organic farming is complimentary to the water we drink, our ground waters, for the ocean, the rain, and the air we and our children breathe.
  • Boulder Granola’s ingredients are purchased locally whenever possible, supporting local businesses and attempting to reduce our footprint.
  • Boulder Granola is hand-crafted in Boulder and is mixed and baked in small batches to make sure that homemade granola texture and deliciousness reaches your mouth first time, every time.