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Chocolate Chip

A family creation from my son, Julian. We created the chocolate chip recipe to satisfy his decadent side! The yummy chocolate chips melt into clumps and create chocolate-granola clusters of pure bliss that melt into your consciousness! The perfect energy food for any athletic activity or daytime endeavor.  Everyone will go crazy for this chocolaty, crunchy “heaven on earth.”

All Boulder Granolas are simply delicious as a healthy breakfast of homemade organic granola and as an anytime healthy snack. Mix with fresh fruit, milk, yogurt or, for a more decadent snack, with ice cream. Wake up your mojo any time of the day!

Chocolate Chunk 12oz Chocolate Chunk 3oz
12oz Bag · $6.99 Chocolate Chip
3oz Snack · $2.70 Chocolate Chip