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Hello Lovers of Life!

Boulder Granola was founded on the revolutionary ideals of the 1960s—on the sincere and singular belief that love has the power to change the world. Seem like a lofty expectation for a simple bowl of oats? Maybe so. But in truth, the by-design simplicity of our recipes is what makes them so special…and what makes our #granolagoals a wonderful reality.

Hand-crafted right here in Colorado with just a handful of wholesome ingredients and the lowest sugar content on the shelf, Boulder Granola is your delicious daily dose of truth. Whether you enjoy it with milk, yogurt, over an açai bowl or straight from the bag, we hope it will fuel your inner fire to accomplish great things—today, tomorrow and every day.

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A consummate entrepreneur, Boulder Granola CEO Diva Lauren has a long history of founding and fostering successful ventures. With a uniquely blended background that spans fashion, beauty, nutrition and healthcare, she is recognized within her companies and around the world for her visionary spirit, compassionate mentorship and unfailing customer understanding.

Diva’s story is one of continual reinvention and total transformation. A passionate devotee of the healthy Colorado lifestyle, Diva is—both personally and professionally—committed to the daily nurturing of mind, body and spirit. Through her dedication to healing unhealthy patterns, she has shed an astonishing 150 pounds, and is currently enjoying the most vibrant health of her life.

Today, Diva leads a diverse portfolio of thriving companies spanning a spectrum of industries—from advanced skincare to wholesome food to household necessities. But although the nature of each Diva Lauren product may differ, ALL of her enterprises share a singular mission: to encourage proper self-care by helping conscious consumers make healthier choices every day.

She is honored to build upon Boulder Granola’s rich, delicious and healthful history—and thrilled to “share the love” with lucky households near and far.